The Swedish League System

From top til bottom Swedish football is built on one solitary league system.
The F.A. administers the top leagues and the 24 regional associations administers the youth football and the leagues from division 4 (men) respectively division 3 (women) and further below.

From the next page you can access results, schedules and tables for nearly all of those leagues, comprising roughly over half a million matches every year.
For every single club, you can also access their contact details by clicking on the club's name in the standings/table.

A short introduction to the scrollbars on the following page (Swedish):

  • "SERIE" = League, initially displaying the top leagues administered by the F.A..
  • "SÄSONG" = Season, default is the current year. The system was introduced in 2000 and will thus comprise more seasons further on.
  • "DISTRIKT" = Selecting a district (regional FA) will bring you the leagues of that particular region for display.

Common words that will appear in the display of the leagues:
Herrar or H (Men), Damer or D (Women), Pojkar or P (Boys), Flickor or F (Girls)
Norra (Northern), Södra (Southern), Mellersta (Middle, Midlands), Västra (Western), Östra (Eastern), Kval (Play-offs).

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