Swedish Football of Today

Sweden has a population of 9 millions. Football is unrivalled the largest sports movement accounting for every third sporting activity. Among the population, one million are members of a football club. The domestic season is between March and early November. The Swedish FA, co-founder of FIFA, had its centenial celebration in 2004.

Swedish F.A. Committee structure 2013

The motto of Swedish football - "one club in every village, football for all" - is reflected in the democratic constitution of Swedish football. All football competition in the nation is arranged by the F.A. and its 24 district organisations. The clubs are voting members at the annual meetings of the district organizations. The district organizations and the elite clubs are entitled to vote at the F.A.'s general meeting.

The headquarters of the Swedish F.A is located right next to the new National Stadium, Friends Arena in the community of Solna (north-west of Stockholm city centre).

Friends Arena is a multi-purpose venue with a retractable roof, the arena has a capacity of 50.000 spectators for football and was inaugurated in 2012.
It replaced the old Råsunda Stadium which was the venue for the World Cup Final in 1958, the Women's World Cup Final in 1995 and the Cup Winners' Cup Final in 1998 (Chelsea-Stuttgart).